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Onion & Ginger Revitalizing Conditioner


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Pure Ethics Onion Conditioner with Ginger, Aloe Vera and Shea Butter
For Deep Hair Moisturizing Scalp Anti-Pollution

Brands: pureethics
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TANGLE FREE HAIR FOR EASY COMBING – We bet you will see a visible difference in softness and shine after using Pure Ethics Onion Oil Conditioner with Aloe Vera and Shea. SAY GOODBYE to combing nightmares as it will make your hair smoother, easy to comb and manage.

SHIELD FROM POLLUTION  – Keep your hair free from split ends, roughness and pollution deposits. Pure Ethics Onion Oil Conditioner provides the perfect layer of protections for your hair WITH GOODNESS OF ALOE VERA AND SHEA BUTTER – Our Onion Conditioner is loaded with all you need to keep your hair lively and shiny. Aloe Vera helps to soothe irritated scalp and Shea has properties that provides complete nourishment while providing intense hydration to hair roots.

360 HAIR TRANSFORMATION – Our products have been formulated after intense research and Pure Ethics Onion and Ginger range is fully capable of transforming damaged hair to healthy state. Generally hair gets damaged in the process of straightening, chemical treatment or use of chemical infused hair care products. Pure Ethics range of Onion and Ginger Oil, Shampoo and Conditioner are free from chemicals and reverse the damage in 2-3 months. .

WOMEN ENTERPRENEURSHIP- Pure Ethics is a women-owned brand.Every product at Pure Ethics provides something extra to our customer like this one adds the goodness of ginger, almond oil and shea. Our high-quality products have been thoughtfully designed to suit your everyday needs.


Key Feature

Non greasy

Non sticky

No added colour


Cruelty fee

Safe for chemically treated hairs

Problems It Targets

Protects from sun damage

Detangles hair

Prevent scalp dryness

Treat split ends

Anti oxidant & anti inflammatory properties

Reduce oxidative stress

The Best Onion Conditioner for your hair

Are you troubled by hair problems like hair fall or frizzy , rough and dry hair, and want to put an end to all these hair problems? So stop worrying, because onion is the ultimate cure. As we all know, onion is mostly known for its smell, but you will be surprised to know that onion is known for many more things. Onion is very beneficial for our hair. Yes , you heard it right . Onion for your hair. Do you know that there are some anti-inflammatory and antimicrobial elements present in the onion, due to which it proves helpful in keeping the hair healthy and growing.

The Onion Conditioner provides shine and smoothness to the hair. It also provides sulfur to the hair, which helps in hair growth. Many people also believe that onion increases the power of circulation. No one can deny that everyone, whether boy or girl, likes thick and long hair, especially the girls want their hair to be long, shiny and free from any damage

Best Onion Conditioner

Having the best onion conditioner on shelf has its own benefits. Generally, the best Onion hair conditioners contain coconut oil, onion seed oil, and sweet almond oil, due to which the hair gets strength and softness.

It is very easy to use, apply it onto your wet hair and leave it for 2-3 minutes, and after that wash it nicely with water.

This conditioner is very much liked by people since it is very effective to make your hair strong and silky. It can be used by anyone; it is completely made of natural ingredients which help in targeting to improve the texture and restore the lost shine of your hair.

Benefits of Onion Conditioner

Calm the dry and itchy scalp

The conditioner has anti-inflammatory properties which help to relieve you from dry and itchy scalp.

Quell the dandruff

The conditioner has anti fungal properties that is why it is recommend to help you with fungal infection in scalp. The dandruff is caused by a fungus named, Malassezia furfur, use of any onion juice based product helps in preventing dandruff.

Treatment of Alopecia

Alopecia is a condition that causes hair loss in patches. Many researchers found that the application of Onion Juice is very beneficial for it and good treatment of Alopecia.

Improve blood circulation

The Onion Conditioner is very good for blood circulation in your scalp, and for stronger hair growth.

Shiny and glossy

The best onion conditioner adds shine and glossiness to your hair, which makes your hair quite attractive.

Maintains the pH level

The use of Onion Conditioner helps in maintaining the pH level of your scalp and hair.

In short, having an Onion Conditioner in your hair-do product list is a must, if you wish to glam up with silky hairs.

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