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Onion and Ginger Revitalizing Shampoo


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Pure Ethics Onion Shampoo with Ginger, Olive and Almond Oil
For Healthy Hair and Clean Scalp Anti-Pollution

Brands: pureethics
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NATURAL MESS – LET GO HAIR CONTROL – One can maintain well nourished hair and a healthy scalp with our Pure Ethics Onion Hair Shampoo. It is perfect for regular application so that one can remain sure of oneself each morning while forging ahead. It cures broken cuticles and add lustre to the hair.

WITH NUTRIMENTS OF OLIVE AND ALMOND OIL – Our Onion Shampoo is filled with all wonderful ingredients one requires to maintain healthy hair and keep the panics away. Olive oil offers great moisturization and Almond Oil (Badaam) is filled with Vitamin E and A which aids in nursing hair streaks. It is one of the best onion shampoos.

ANTI-POLLUTION – Onion oil has anabolic steroid that assist in keeping the scalp free from flakes and decrease the sequel of toxic wastes which may spring in hair and scalp issues. It gives a complete coverage from the toxic wastes which may reside on the scalp and if not cleansed properly it may give rise to enduring damage.
PROMOTES HAIR GROWTH – Onion and Ginger create a flawless duplex for fostering hair growth and assists in decreasing hair deterioration and flaking. Onion shampoo for hair growth is worthy for all hair types like dry, oily, chemically treated and damaged. For best results, you can apply it with Pure Ethics Onion Hair Oil and Conditioner. It is a perfect choice for both males and females.
WOMEN ENTREPRENEURSHIP – Pure Ethics is a women-owned brand. Each item here offers something additional to the buyers like this shampoo puts on the goodness of ginger, olive and almond oil. This is one of the best onion shampoo for hair growth The first-rate items have been deliberately created to go with everyday requirements.

The most important attributes include:

Non greasy

Non sticky

No artificial color added


No Animal testing

Can be applied on chemically treated hair

Complications it picks out:

Safeguards from sun damage

Detangles hair and holds back

Put an end to scalp dehydration

Treat brittle and split ends

Anti oxidant & anti inflammatory properties

Decreases oxidative pressure

Red onion shampoo holds special bioactive elements that play an important role in balancing, volumnizing and nourishing your hair from with in. The shampoo is strengthened with thirty hair boosters, fabricated to keep the hair well nourished, viable and healthy. Onion shampoo for hair growth assists in maintaining dandruff. The shampoo is packed with rich nutrients and finer provision to hair follicles in order to moisturise dry hair and scalp.


Pure Ethics is a certified brand and we are frequently enlarging our array of skin care items appropriate for one and all.


Our goal at Pure Ethics is to offer one and all at each stage of their lives an effectual array of skin care items that can be applied without fright of what it might do to your body and underneath the epidermis- paramount anxiety for all contemporary men and women.

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